Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Royal Easter Show

On Thursday we went to the Show with Felicity, Cooper and Sienna, and Charlotte, Will and Jaimeson.  We met Auntie Jan and Uncle John at the CWA (Country Women's Association) tea rooms for their famous scones with jam and cream.  We began our wander around the exhibits after morning tea.

 I loved this floral arrangement in the Flower Hall displaying vegetables along with the flowers.
Cooper and Sienna were taken with the scarecrow flying in the breeze holding onto his pole. Although his 'angry' face bothered them and they would not be convinced that his face showed surprise.
 Felicity's Bible Study group new of this lady who had entered the decorated cake of the whole story of Jesus death and resurrection.  All the figures were cut from icing and it was amazing.  So detailed.
Here is Charlotte taste testing some new passionfruit Lindt chocolate.  It was yum.  Very passionfruity with that smooth Lindt chocolate taste.  I must look for it in the shops.
 Jeff and Cooper at the Police stand.  The bike was HUGE.
 I love the Food Hall with the district exhibits.  This north coast exhibit was a ship wreck with all its produce washing ashore.  It was amazing.

 Charlotte and Will introducing Jaimeson to the animals in the petting nursery.
I just love to see the adults getting up close and personal with the animals too, but it never ceases to amaze me at the adults who cover their noses against the smell of manure and hay.  I LOVE it.

 Cooper and Sienna just loved the ducklings as did my girls.  They were also intrigued with the incubator and watched the chicks breaking through the shells for ages.

 Sienna found this gorgeous baby kid trying to hide from the milling crowd.  She crouched down till she was face to face with him. It was so cute.  He kept shutting his eyes saying "I'm not here!"
The Dagwood dog, Pluto Pup, or Hot Dog on a Stick as they call it now. 
I LOVE them.
Totally unhealthy, oooh but yummy.
 Cooper soooo wanted to ride this little train, so Sienna and Papa were very happy to accompany him.

 These ladies were so dressed up showing their horse.  Have a look at the gorgeous outfit on the middle lady leading her horse towards me.  I loved it.  So stylish.
 A Show MUST,  the iconic WOODCHOP.   This guy was from Queensland and was the Champion and was on a handicap of 35 and still won.
After this event they had a father and son woodchop where either one would fell a standing pole and the other would chop a block they were standing on.  He and his son won that too.
A beautiful traditional European carousel.  Sienna and Cooper loved it and so did Granny and Papa.  I love it when an adult rides free to support a timid child.


  1. Looks like you had a great day at the show too. We would have liked more time - we didn't get to see it all. :(

  2. Yes the scarecrow has angry eyebrows! He needs to have raised eyebrows. Poor Cooper and Sienna LOL.

    Wow, the cake is amazing hey!

    I love the smell of the animals too. I walk thru the cow shed breathing it all in. :) Oh the ducklings! The Canberra show had an incubator too but there weren't many eggs in it! We watched for a few minutes then gave up - with the number of eggs in there the odds weren't very good! Did they take a long time to break thru the shells?