Friday, 22 February 2013

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In January we one very hot day with temperatures up in the 40's Celsius with a hot wind.  My roses were just burnt on the bushes. 
 I had never seen these pots blown over by wind before.
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My bird's nest fern looked like it had been blow torched.
The candles on my outdoor candelabra melted.
And my Begonia was just fried.

Sunday, 3 February 2013


             Venice Emma Facione
Venice was born on Friday 25 January to Alicia and David.  At 8lb 3oz she reminds me very much of Alicia when she was first born.  Alicia weighed 8lb 6oz.

 Big brother Xander getting to know his little sister.  When asked what he wanted during Alicia's pregnancy he would always say "a little sister".  As Alicia and David did not know the sex of the baby Xander was always adamant that he would like a little sister.
 Venice wearing the little Mary Jane booties I knitted.
 Venice's first outing to the shops, sporting the Girraffe pram cover I made.
 I just LOVED this little outfit I found in Target.  It is a Catriona Rowntree design.  As it was so hot for Charlotte's birthday brunch on 31st January, Alicia decided it was the perfect weather for it.
 I just love this gorgeous photo of Xander that Yvette took during her visit to meet Venice.

Now it is going to be so difficult to get photos of six grandchildren all looking at the camera at the same time!! 
Cooper 5, Jaimeson 21 mths, Xander 2 3/4, Tassy 10 1/2, Venice, Sienna 3.