Sunday, 24 March 2013

 It's amazing how much fun you can have with a bucket of water.  I love to see the children all free and unencumbered by clothes.  Don't we all wish on hot days that we can do that too?
 Venice enjoyed the fresh air too.
 This is Tassy's pool seal which she has at our house, ready for the pool.  Xander insisted that it was an aeroplane.  When I told him it was a seal he rode it like a horse!

 Then we took it into the pool and Alicia showed him what you do with it.  He thought it was wonderful to have mum on it.

Yvette, Dave and Tassy visited last weekend and brought with them their Chinese exchange student, Angel.  We took them to the little beach beside the breakwall of the Harbour in Wollongong where the waves are nice and gentle.  Tassy and Angel enjoyed their swim under Dave's supervision.
 When Tassy and Angel saw the Continental Pool they wanted to give it a go.  The pools are refreshed by the ocean but are all concrete.  They had a great time.
 This week Alicia, Xander and Venice visited with us and as the temps were around 30c we went to the little beach in the Harbour again.  Venice slept in the shade of the umbrella until the wind caught the umbrella and hoisted it off its pole.
 Xander loved chasing the seagulls when Grandpa and Alicia walked with him up to La Vendi to buy some gelato.
 Xander and I had fun in the water.
 It was fun to dig in the sand and build sandcastles and play with Granny and Grandpa's tip truck.

Thursday, 7 March 2013


 These are a few things I have recently made for Venice.  The little 8ply cardi I knitted before she was born.  The pattern had grub roses (my specialty) embroidered within little holey circlels either side of the button fronts.  But Alicia chose to have little red bows in the circles instead.  The gorgeous toy bag and pink bib are made out of beautiful fairytale fabric.  Have you ever bought a small piece of fabric and then found a million uses for it and wished you had bought a metre at least?  Well this is the fabric.  And I can't remember where I bought it.  The strawberry bib was made from scraps and I love it.
The little Mary Jane bootees are made in knitting cotton.
 Alicia wanted some handtowel bibs for Xander.  I bought a collection of 5 black and white thick thirsty tea towels in Target and made him two bibs, and two kitchen handtowels for Alicia.  I just LOVE the black and white and have decided to sew some for my sale.  I had vintage glamorous buttons on them too, to finish the look.
For Jaimeson I made a knit fabric sleeping bag and three handtowel bibs now he is learning to feed himself.  One bib has a strip of fantastic construction print across the bottom.
 Because Charlotte loves owls I bought her this owl apron panel in Spotlight.  It was with their Christmas fabrics but apart from being red and green it really had no Christmassy thing about it.  So I didn't crack my neck to get it done by Christmas and so just made it up now.  Panel aren't a great idea as they are often printed slightly crooked and fail to line up their appropriate pieces.  I lined it all in lime green poly pop so it would be a bit thicker and more serviceable.
 I have had this Easter Egg print in my stash for about 20 years.  I think I bought it to make something for Charlotte.  This year I finally decided to sew an Easter skirt for Sienna out of it.  She can wear it to pre-school.  After the fabric has been in my cupboard for so long I decided the cost of the skirt was nil.!!!!
I also made Fliss a moose handtowel out of fabric I bought in Alaska to make my own souvenirs.  Fliss and Caro and I love moose.  I also made one which Fliss gave Caro for Christmas.  Caro, who is Canadian, said she loves using it and says to Tessa, her daughter, "Go wipe your hands on the Moose".
 Fliss also bought this gorgeous construction fabric and some co-ordinating yellow for me to make her some toy bags which she can give away as gifts.  Cooper will keep one toy bag for his Lego constructions.
I used some vintage rikrak which belonged to my Mum.  It still had it's price tag on the card....43c..FOR A WHOLE CARD OF RIK RAK IN WOOLWORTHS!!!!
And finally.  I had this green make up purse sitting on my sewing desk for 6 months and finally decided to sew it up and I have sold it already!!!!  The car and caravan print are car tissue packets for keeping in the door of your car or in the glove box.  I am also giving one to Jeff for his car door as I already have a batik moose print tissue holder in my car door.

Monday, 4 March 2013

I bought this gorgeous pack of Moda Christmas fabrics several years ago at a Stitches and Craft Show but didn't get around to sewing them into placemats until about 3 years ago, only to discover I didn't have enough fabric to back all four mats, only two.  I looked every year for something to go with the fabrics but couldn't find anything and then I would just forget about them again.  Last Christmas I was determined to finish them and use them.  I found two fabrics that went really well with the others and finally sewed them up.
I am thrilled with them.  I love the little bit of crochet lace I put onto them as well.