Monday, 14 January 2013

The week leading up to Christmas Day Jeff has sung in the Government Office Block Choir for the past 11 years.  It reminds me of going to assemblies at school to watch your children perform when I go in to watch him sing.
It is such a joy when the grandchildren are able to come to Wollongong and watch Papa sing too.
The choir sings in the multistoried atrium and it always reminds me of singing in the shower as it echos through.  I love to see the singers encourage other office workers to come and join them as they walk by from one office to another.  They put out chairs for the parents and families of those who come to watch their family member sing.  There are more and more children of late.  I was so proud to have all but one of my grandchildren there to watch.  Maybe this year, 2013, Xander may be able to come too as Alicia will still be on maternity leave.,

 The children just had to climb the stairs and view Papa from the overhead walkways.  Cooper was very wary of standing too close to the glass parapet.  Here he is giving papa a wave.  The children enjoyed dancing to the familiar carols, and they even had percussion instruments for Jingle Bells.

After the carols are over Jeff and I always go and have a coffee .  This time it was at GiGi's in Corrimal street.
 Charlotte 'posing' in her beautiful Christmas outfit.
 Sienna gives Yvette a special Christmas present from Fliss before Yvette and Dave and Tassy head off back to Canberra.
 The rest of us came home for a swim and then the alert went out that Santa was doing his rounds when we heard the Fire siren.  Santa has been cruising the neighbourhood on Christmas Eve giving out lollies to the children the entire 11 years we have been in Balgownie.  We love it.

 Jaimeson was far more impressed with the Fire Engine than with Santa.
Santa was very young and quite skinny for a Santa, but we really appreciated his visit.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

 Charlotte, Felicity, Yvette, Alicia and me at our family Christmas Party on Saturday 22 December at my sister Julie's house.
 Jeff sporting his favourite Hawaiian shirt he trots out at Christmas because it's red.
 The Family Cookie Swap.
They were beautifully packaged this year, but now we have decided everyone has to write their name on their cookie packages as we all want to know who made each one.
A great selection of cookies to share over the Christmas New Year season.
 Christmas morning we ate little egg tarts made on a Rosti base.  Very yummy.
 Opening presents on Christmas morning. We have to take our dining table and chairs out of the room to make enough space for the family.
 Xander and Jaimeson helping themselves to Alicia's frittatas and some pretzels.  Jaimeson looked so cute in his Santa's little helper outfit.
 Christmas lunch.  The barbeque table was brought in from outside to have enough room for the family.  Felicity laid and decorated the table.
 Taking some quiet time out with Auntie Alicia reading to Cooper, Xander and Sienna.  They all love Peppa Pig.
The children's table.  I must make a tablecloth that ties on and cannot slide off.  Jaimeson loved sitting up with the big kids, after eating in the high chair at the grown ups table.