Friday, 27 April 2012

Fairbanks Alaska
Ray took us for a walk along the frozen slough (pronounced slew) at the back of their property.   We were a bit nervous until he told us the ice was about 4 feet thick.  It was amazing to see leaves and twigs  frozen into the ice.  We walked along the frozen slough until we reached the bigger river, but Ray said it wasn't safe to walk along as it was beginning to break up.  Two days later when we went back the river had completely broken up and was flowing swiftly.

On Sunday we went to church with Karen and Ray.  The church was decorated beautifully with stained glass windows.  The music was provided by some young singers with a couple of guitars.  The catholic service was almost identical to our Anglican service.  Karen and Ray's daughter, Alda, will be married in that church in a month's time.

After church we visited a Wildlife refuge on a former dairy property with some gorgeous buildings including a typical American barn.  We watched the Canada geese take a break from their long migratory journey home for the Spring.  We did a gorgeous walk to see the seasonal ponds, formed by the snow melt, and wander through the flooded forest.  Both will dry out by the summer. 

We also visited this fabulous vintage car museum which also features a magnificent collection of vintage women's clothing displayed with the appropriate age of vehicle.  We loved staying with Karen and Ray and were very sad to leave on the next leg of our journey.


  1. AH! Thank you for the slough pronunciation! There were sloughs in Little House on the Prairie and I hadn't heard the word before and assumed it was pronounced SLOFF. LOL. So it's like through, rather than trough.

    I love the taaaaaaaaaall bare trees.

  2. Adults are disturbing when they looooooooooove something. oh, so she just loves the taaaaaaall trees... i see...

  3. LOL Tassy!
    I love those tall ghost trees too! Yes, Slough pronunciation was tricky!
    That is such a typical American looking church too. But more something I would expect to see in New England!
    How cool about the 4 foot ice, and scary that the river was all broken up on a few days later! Amazing!
    So glad to hear you are having a lovely time :) Miss you! But love reading all about it.