Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Earlier this year I posted about this little bag I was making for Tassy's 10th birthday.  I transposed two of the little girls from the tiny print fabric onto calico.  I embroidered their hair, limbs and shoes and appliqued their clothes.  I painted their hair and shoes with fabric paint.

 Here is the finished sewing bag.  The tiny print are on opposite sides of the bag, the other two sides being the applique girls.
I also made a scissor holder, scissor keep, pin cushion and  needle book.  I was thrilled with how it turned out. 
The little bag is a 9" cube and is so handy as it sits open and straight while you work.

Monday, 13 August 2012


We flew from Anchorage to Juneau at 8am in the morning.  The flight took 1.45hrs.
Here is another photo of the Mendenhall Glacier showing the waterfall off to the side.  Realizing how big the waterfall is, you can appreciate how enormous the glacier is. 
 St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church

 The church was tiny and no pews.  It was beautifully decorated.  We sat and had a tranquill moment, being thankful for our travelling mercies, and God's amazing handiwork in His creation.

 Spring bulbs in flower  outside Juneau Cathedral.
 Juneau is built on a very narrow coastal strip with now road access to the city.  It is the State Capital.  It is flanked by steep mountains on one side and the water on the other.
 Downtown Juneau.
 Juneau's houses were beautiful.  Several were being cleaned up and painted after the long winter.
I don't remember the cold, but looking at our clothes I guess we were dressed appropriately for the day's walk around town.
 The Alaska Government Building
 Part of the immaculate foyer of the building. with relief sculptures of moments in history.  We did a self-guided tour of the building and were surprised such freedom of movement throughout the building despite the fact that parliament was sitting and politicians were rushing around the corridors.
 Testament to the rough weather experienced around Juneau.

 Then we finished up with a drink in the famous RED DOG SALOON. Apparently when the cruise ships are in it is hard to get into the saloon but there was only one other table occupied while we were there.  There was lots to look at around the bar.

 The main shopping street of Juneau.
 Standing on the dock in Juneau looking back towards the town.
A chilly early morning farewell to Juneau when we boarded the Colombia for our ferry trip down The Inside Passage to Ketchikan.  Jeff is pulling my new pink bag I bought to put my clothes in as my big suitcase was so full of shopping.

Sunday, 12 August 2012


We went to the Mendenhall Glacier with our taxi driver, Hulio (from Chile) who picked us up from the airport, after we had flown down to Juneau from Anchorage.  The Glacier was just a little out of town, and as the airport was also about 10ks out of town, Hulio suggested , for an extra $70, he could take us out their first, before taking us into Juneau to book into our hotel.
 The ice flows that had calved from the main glacier flowed past the car park.  An awesome sight.
 This waterfall beside the glacier didn't look so big, UNTIL we noticed the people standing at the base of it.  This photo is taken on zoom lens.
 The blue ice typical of glacial ice.  Amazing piece balancing on another.

 The Pussy Willow was just beginning to bloom.  I loved it.  It was so pretty.
 We were able to get a lot closer to this glacier than Fox Glacier in NZ.  We had attempted to see Portage and Exit Glaciers near Seward but their roads were still impassible due to the snow.  We flew over several glaciers between Fairbanks and Anchorage.  It's an awesome sight seeing something so magnificent, both in size and age.

That magnificent waterfall was just to the right of this picture.

Bears had been sighted but we weren't fortunate enough to see an early riser.

Friday, 3 August 2012


This was a beautiful rainforest just out of Ketchikan about 8 miles along the coast from the main town.  It had picnic grounds too.  It was right on the Tongass Narrows.  
 The pathways were gravel or wood, so made for very easy walking.  It was so picturesque, you could just imagine fairies dancing amongst the mossy logs and ferns.
 Although we were rugged up in our parkas and hoods for the light misty rain,  we didn't need our gloves, although a warm pocket sufficed now and then.
 Everything was covered in thick moss as Ketchikan gets over 160inches of rain every year.
 We didn't see any wildlife as it was still quite early in Spring.  Although we did see a deer on our drive back home.  He was actually eating grass on a footpath in amongst houses.
 Bridges enabled us to get close to the raging torrent of water rushing down the mountain to the sea.

 Skunk cabbage was one of the few flowers out, although the salmon berries and blue berries were beginning to show signs of new life.  The cabbage and berries are a favourite with bears.
Julie and I found one skunk cabbage all broken up on the ground and had a good sniff.  Neither of us thought the smell offensive, just pungent, very sweet, a bit like Moraya (Mock Orange Blossom).
The creek rushing out into the Tongass Straight.
 Jeff, with Daryl in the background.
Julie investigating a lovely warm sleeping place that some animal had scratched out overnight, in the shelter of the fallen log.