Monday, 9 April 2012

The Grands last week

 Here is Jaimeson on the move.  He gets about quite quickly on his tummy like a commando.  He can no longer be contained on his mat.
 Sienna is growing her beautiful hair.  She talks more and more now and is quite easy to understand.  She loves books and loves having them read to her.
 Cooper just loves his Thomas the Tank Engine empire and loves it when Papa gets on the floor to play with him.
 Xander was watching me blow dry my hair and ran away and got his battery operated toy drill to blow dry his hair too.  So cute.
 Xander watched his little Turkish neighbour slide down the poles of the swing and indicated to me that he wanted to do it too.  We had to do all four poles!
Mummy built Cooper and Sienna a great Mystery Island track with a flying fox for the train.  Sienna is operating the log lift.
We are really tired when we come home from spending three days visiting the grandchildren.


  1. ROFL @ Xander! That's gold! Maybe I will scrapbook that for Alicia.

  2. Wow, it was a great week with the grands! Minus Tassy, poor Tassy! Boy does Cooper have a massive Thomas Empire! That's a great word for it!