Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Vicki is feeding 5 poddy lambs.  They are just gorgeous.  They know her voice and follow her everywhere.  I am mucking out the lambs shelter.  They sleep under an old ute canopy with some fluffy pillows but of course they wet their beds everynight.   They roam around the sheds near the house all day greeting whoever comes by.  They follow you bleeting all the while.
 Jeff and Roger near one of the three dams they threw a fishing line into, only getting nibbles at the third dam.  We had sausages and chicken kebabs for dinner.  No fish!
 We had a picnic lunch down by the dam in the far paddock.
 Tom, Tom the Pipers Son (as Vicki has christened him) giving his mummy some love.  He is still quite small compared with the other four girl lambs so beside an extra midday bottle feed he was getting extra love.
The 5 lambs drank two bottles at each feed.  Vicki was feeding the girls only morning and night but Tom was having  lunchtime bottles as well.
The innovative milking station that Roger set up.  Vicki just pushed the bottles down each pipe and the lambs ferociously sucked on the teats.  They were not satisfied until they had finished their second bottle.
LUNCH IN GOULBURN                     
We met Vicki, Auntie Jan and Uncle John at Rose's Cafe in Goulburn for lunch on last Friday.
The cafe has gourmet pies, fritatas, wraps and salads.  I love the fresh flowers they have on top of their sweets showcase and they have a gallery of local paintings for sale.

 After lunch Vicki took us to the Lady Belmore Club.  An exclusive ladies friendship club in Goulburn  which took Vicki two years to get into after having recommendations by others and interviews.  It offers accommodation on a self cater basis also.  The club has been operating for about 80 years and has about 40 members.  It has reciprocal arrangements with other friendship clubs in other country towns.  It is a bit like CWA without the charity side.
 The furniture is exquisite.  The coffee table had a lovely handmade tapestry under the glass.
 A lilac in the garden of The Lady Belmore Club.  Apparently Lady Belmore purchased this house to be used by members.  The top floor of the house is rented out.
 ST. Saviours Cathedral is just at the end of the street the Club is in.
 You can really tell what a rich town Goulburn was in the days when Australia "rode on the sheep's back".  The old buildings are magnificent,.
 The beautiful old fire station.
 The Court House
 The lovely park in the middle of town.  They had just finished their Lilac Festival and the gardens were lovely.

 And of course the Big Merino.

Friday, 18 October 2013

 Venice's Baptism at St. Benedicts Church at Galston where Alicia and David were married.  The party afterwards was at David's mother's property at Galston.  It was a wonderful day.
 Felicity and Charlotte are Venice's Godmothers.
 Alicia designed Venice's dress and I made it.  * layers of tuille with an overlayer of spotted tuille.  Alicia had bought her little gold shoes 5 years ago.  And her lovely feather headband Alicia bought on line.

 The amazing cake.  And it tasted so good too.  A Vanilla mudcake.

My birthday was the following day and Felicity's the day after that. As Yvette, Dave and Tassy  were also visiting from Canberra for the Baptism we took the opportunity of a birthday brunch at Little Rock Cafe at Baulkham Hills which has a strategically placed children's playground for the 6 grandchildren.