Saturday, 10 August 2013

Vicki's 60th was held in the Tarago Community Hall.  She had a bush band from Canberra and they were fantastic.  We did quite a bit of dancing.
 Jeff, Vicki and Katie.
Nearly all of Vicki and Roger's grandchildren.  It wasn't until after the photo was taken that we discovered that little Ella wasn't in the photo.  Grant , the eldest, is 17 and his baby sister Bronte at just 9 weeks is the youngest.
No they don't all belong to the same parents!!  There are three families represented there.
 Vicki and Roger have been together since they were 14 years old.
 Katie and Troy.They have three children, Jack, Oscar and Phoebe.
 Scott, Renae and Bronte.Scott and Renae have Grant, Bre and Bronte.
Luke and Allison have Blake, Ruby and Ella.
 Vicki and Jeff and one of the working dogs beside Vicki's quadbike.
 Layla was a poddy-lamb brought up by the working dogs.  They kept her warm in their kennel and now she thinks she's a dog.  She runs up to meet you with the dogs and even tries to bark like a dog.
 I LOVE it when our car gets covered in dust on the road to Vicki's.  When we come back to Wollongong everyone knows we have been somewhere exciting!!
I didn't let Jeff wash the car for three days.
I just love getting out into the country.
It was lovely to get together with Diane and Graeme, Annette and Norm and Daryl and Julie and have all that heavy Christmas food in the 'right' season, instead of trying to eat a baked dinner in 38c degree heat!!
I put out a few Christmas decorations but mainly just wintery things like pine garland and pine cones, lots of my bird ornaments, a moose and a deer.
We ate vichyssoise, roast pork and chicken and vegies, plum pudding, tiramisu and Di's famous sponge cake.  I made chocolate boxes for the ladies.
 We started the morning with an early walk and a coffee at the harbour with Graeme and Diane.
 Pre lunch drinks in the garden.
 My winter garden.  My hanging baskets of primula hang from the clothes line to get maximum sun this time of year.
 Our dinner table at the end of lunch.
 We finished off the time with a walk round Bulli with Norman, Annette and Paddy.

At  Belmore Basin in Wollongong.