Sunday, 29 April 2012

Anchorage to Seward by Car
John and Doug hired an 11 seater Ford Van for us to all travel together.  It was so much fun with lots of funny stories passing to and fro.  We past through some small settlements and saw lots of weekender type cabins and camping grounds where people holiday and fish, hike, berry pick blueberries and raspberries, in wintertime they snow board and ski, and of course hunting.
The road followed the Turnagain Arm side by side with the railway.  Turnagain Arm was named by Captain Cook.  The mountains and rivers were spectacular.

Our Ford van parked outside Van Gilder Hotel

Dinner in the Apollo Restaurant
John and Doug spent some school years in Seward and that was where they met their wives, Linda and Diane.

Seward is a fishing port as well as a coal loading port.  In the summertime cruise ships also stop their where passengers disembark and catch the train up to Anchorage to fly out.
We had dinner in a lovely Greek Italian restaurant and stayed at the historic Van Gilder Hotel established in 1916.


  1. WOW!
    How cool that you had a van that you could all fit in! I imagine you had some fantastic conversations!
    Ooohhh so snowy!
    And where's all the traffic??
    Is that an Otter you're sitting on Dad? That's cool :)

  2. MUM, you have an ALASKA jumper on!! I like it! So unlike you to have a "brand" name fleecy jumper though. Were your clothes no good for the weather?

  3. Tassy and I were looking at the map of Alaska in our fantastic $2 op shop altas the other day. I found Seward Peninsula on the mid east coast and thought it was weird that it was so far away from the town of Seward! Seward must have been a significant who had a few things named after him!

    I hadn't noticed your Alaskan jumper! I like it!

    Are those fish in the last pic life-sized models of the biggest fish caught there?

  4. That's brilliant that you all travelled together. I'm sure the can was never silent! So many great memories of past to share, so many fantastic ones being created! I'm thrilled you're doing this trip. You all look like you're having a fantastic time!! I live the sculptures and the scenery is amazing! Are those the real sizes of fish caught there? Xoxo