Saturday, 21 April 2012

Auntie Dot's 100th Birthday Party in Anchorage Alaska 

19th April 2012

Auntie Dot is reading her card from the Queen as she has dual citizenship with the USA.  She also got a card from President Obama.  She read her special cards out loud, with great expression, and not needing any eye glasses.
 She enjoyed her party of  around 51 guests, the biggest entertainment being the 45 mins the professional photographer took to take the family photo ,then the extended family, then the friends as well.   The photographer was so funny and worked so hard that I ended up videoing her antics.  She was a large American lady and ended up in a lather of sweat.
The beautiful cake had a map of Australia for the 37 years of her life she spent there, then the map of Alaska for the 63 years she spent there.
 Here is Auntie Dot with her four sons, daughters-in-law , except for Carla who is awaiting bypass surgery, the grandchildren and 4 of her 10 great-grandchildren.

Julie and I with our special aunt.
Auntie Dot was terrific during the two hours of her party.  I am sure she slept well last night. 
The party continued without her, at the LoneStar restaurant where all the relatives and friends renewed friendships and caught up, some after years of separation.  It was a grand occasion.


  1. Look at you two in your sleeveless tops. Did you know you're in Alaska? I can't believe it was 20C there yesterday!

    I didn't know Carla was unwell! Is she doing OK? Will surgery be very soon?

  2. Your Aunty looks amazing for 100. Looks like you're having a great time.

  3. What a wonderful experience for you all! Not many can claim being sent cards from the Queen & President Obama! And to be able to read them without glasses! I couldn't do that! Amazing!

  4. Wow that she read we cards without glasses!! And I agree with Yvette- hello, it's winter! I love your matching tops tho. Lol!

  5. Wow! She's so spritely!! No glasses, lots of expression... Amazing woman! I wonder just how many off the 100th birthday cards from hierarchy actually get read like that from the actual recipient. What a fantastic milestone! Looks like a great party too. I'm thrilled you and Auntie Julie went.