Saturday, 30 November 2013

Lill and hung's wedding was at St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church at Hunters Hill.  It was a gorgeous old sandstone church with a magnificent view up the Harbour. and surrounded by beautiful old sandstone houses.

The music was provided by Jasmine Strings and they played all my favourite pieces.  The music warmed my heart and brought tears to my eyes.
Jaimeson was so intrigued with the players, especially when the fellow on the left was making music by plucking the strings with his thumb.  He smiled at Jaimeson.
 I am disappointed with my photos.  It was so hard to fight the photographers for a place to view the wedding.  Just look at the different photographic devices.
Charlotte and Will lit candles for Lill and Hung.
Jaimeson was a page boy with Sebastian, a friend of Lill's from schooldays child .
 Will did a reading.
 Lill's bridesmaids represented aspects of her life.  Her school days, uni days, work life and friends.  Their beautiful dresses had beaded tops and chiffon skirts.  Each bodice a little different for each girl.  Hung had two friends as best men and 3 of his brothers as groomsmen.  A real multicultural wedding with the Priest being Phillipino.  Hung is Vietnamese and Lill Chinese of course.
 Lill's Grandma, Mum and Dad.
The extended Lam family.
 St. Peter's Chanel  -  Hunters Hill.
 Hung's Auntie and cousins from Vietnam wearing traditional dress.  So pretty.
 The reception at Curzon Hall at Epping.  It was so lovely with beautiful grounds as well.
 Natalie, Vincent's (Will's brother) girlfriend.
The table centre pieces were beautiful.
 Charlotte and Will.  Flynn was a perfect baby for the whole of the day.  And Jaimeson was so good all day from the Tea Ceremony at 10am, the wedding at 1.30pm and the reception at 6pm till we left for home at 11pm with just a 10 minute nap in the car between venues.
 The magnificent flowers on the bridal table.
 The two Lion Dancers.  Actually there are three people who make up each Lion.  Jaimeson was a little afraid of them and I had to show him that they were operated by people inside them.
 Jaimeson and Sebastian making their GRAND ENTRANCE at the reception.
 Will sister Marg and her boyfriend Scott.  Marg was one of the bridesmaids.
The cake!!!


  1. Beautiful pics, even though it was so hard to beat your way thru the photographers!!
    A lovely blog post about a beautiful day! Thank you for coming along to support Lil & Hung and to mind Flynn in the church & entertain Jai at the reception too! Lol! It was so nice for me to have my parents there :) And you got to tick off your wedding for the year!

  2. What a beautiful wedding. I love the bridesmaids dresses. The Viet outfits too! And the lion dancers. Looks like a beautiful venue too. how was charlotte's hair done?