Monday, 18 November 2013

 Last school holidays Felicity and the children came to stay and we had a swim and fish and chips on Bulli Beach.  Cooper and Sienna had a wonderful time playing in only about 2 feet of water in the baby pool.  Most of the pool was full of sand wash in there by the waves.  The council needed to come with a mini scoop and dig it out ready for the swimming season.
 Felicity by our pool watching Papa and Cooper and Sienna refresh their pool confidence from last year. 
 We had some lovely meals and a nice relaxing time.
 Then Alicia arrived with Xander and Venice for a couple of days too.  Venice was just thinking about becoming mobile with her crawling.  The toy she is playing with is left over from my own babies.
Jeff got out his train set for the children.  He set it up on the garage floor, nicely positioned so her could still drive the car into the garage and not run over any pieces.  The children all enjoyed having a 'turn' at switching the points and running the train.
 We don't often get  Pink and Grey Gallahs in our bird feeder.
My new ducks I bought recently.  They just float around the pool looking very real.  I love them!!

 Felicity, Jeff and I took Cooper, Sienna and Xander to the movies at Warrawong to see Planes.  It was Sienna and Xander's first movie in a big theatre and they all loved it.  So did we adults.  Felicity bought these big buckets of popcorn to share.  The kids loved those too.
After the movie we had lunch in the food court and did a little bit of shopping.   Felicity stayed about three nights and Alicia stayed about three nights with just one or two nights overlapping.
 We took Alicia, Xander and Venice to North Wollongong beach for a paddle and a play in the sand.  I enjoyed digging in the sand with Xander.

 The bushfire smoke from the fires along the Picton Road, Wilton, and Buxton.  Looking west.
 Looking north towards Brokers Nose.
Looking East out to sea. 


  1. Hey we came to stay too! Where are we? Lol!
    What a busy month you've had! Actually a busy few months!
    That bushfire smoke was amazing!