Thursday, 28 November 2013

 Lillian and Hung's Tea Ceremony

Jeff and I felt very privileged to be invited to Will's sister's Tea Ceremony on the morning of her marriage to Hung Mai.
The five bridesmaids and Lill were watching the arrival of Hung and his groomsmen from the balcony of the Lam's house.  Lill is traditionally wearing a red dress  but very much in the modern style!!  The girls were just wearing Kimonos so as not to give away their bridesmaid dresses for later on.
 The guests, Hung's Vietnamese family, and friends arrived bearing traditional gifts of fruit and alcohol.  They had to wait outside until invited in.
 Lill and her bridesmaids were already made up and had their hair done ready for the wedding ceremony which would begin at 1.30pm.  The hairdresser arrived at 4am to make sure the 6 girls and the mother-of-the-bride would be all ready by 10am when the Tea Ceremony was to begin.
 Will twin cousins were responsible for setting 'challenges' for the boys to do before they would be allowed to enter.  Here they are performing a dance which they were copying from a lap top which one of the twins was holding up for them to watch.  They played a couple more games and then were allowed to enter the house followed by all the guests.
 Will and baby Flynn just 4 1/2 weeks old.  He was just perfect on the day, and so was Jaimeson, despite it being such a long day of festivites.
 Lill, Hung and his Dad.
 Jaimeson dressed in his special page boy clothes.  The other little page boy was the same age, dressed the same.  They looked like twins and were so cute.  Auntie Lill had bought their outfits.
 Hung and Lill had to kneel to serve tea to the family.
Here they are serving tea to Lill's Mum, Cindy and her grandmother.
Charlotte and Will were also served tea.
 The tea cups and some of the gifts the guests brought.
Just half an hour after the tea ceremony had finished Jaimeson and Jeff had the lego out on the lounge room floor!


  1. Great pics! I love the one of Lil & all the Bridesmaids on the verandah! And yay you got a pic of Will & I being served tea!
    I was muchos impressed that Lil & the girls were ready so early!

  2. What a beautiful wedding... it is a privilege to attend one of another culture. All the dresses were gorgeous. How cute was Jaimeson... and his little brother, of course. Beautiful venue both church and reception. Lovely ...

  3. Wow, everyone left abruptly then! I guess they had a wedding to prepare for! I didn't realise their veranda was so big! It looks massive! Looks like a lovely ceremony