Sunday, 15 December 2013

On 30th November my niece Minnie, 3rd from the left, had a concert at a venue at King's Cross to promote her CD she's producing next year.  She invited the whole family.  The Chipperfields all went.  Our own grandchildren were a little to young to make an evening trip into the city.   L to R Jami, Julie, Minnie, Kerrie, Kirrilly, Jeff and Shelley

Daryl, Amy and Trav getting refreshments at the Bar

The lounge area of the bar where the children were given paper and pencils to entertain themselves.  The bowl of plastic fruit were just part of the eclectic decorations.  The walls of the bar were filled with book shelves holding all manor of books.

After the concert we bought pide and pizza and ate them in Hyde Park.

The beautiful Sheraton of the Park Hotel bedecked in its Christmas lights.

A small Christmas tree in Hyde Park.

St. Mary's Cathedral at sunset.

Jeff looking at part of the David Jones Christmas windows depeicting 175 years of trading.  This window shoes the Toy Department of the Store.

This window depicts the Staff Choir singing from the staircase.  Mum took us into the city a few times to hear the David Jones Choir sing Christmas Carols.  It was very nostalgic for me to see this display.

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  1. I'm disappointed we don't see Lion King till the end of january, and miss Christmas in the city!