Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Last Thursday we drove an hour up to the Southern Highlands to visit Bowral for their Tulip Time. We dressed in layers and took our overcoats but the weather was quite warm.
 Corbett Gardens in Bowral was awash with colourful tulips and pansies.  The blossoms trees were just gorgeous.
 We visited Red Cow Farm at Sutton Forest.  It is a collection of garden 'rooms' and was just magnificent.
 Corbett Gardens
 This was an amazing Peony.  I saw my first peony at a B and B we stayed at in Ipres in Belgium.  I had to grab the owner and take her to it in the garden to ask what it was.  Then when we stayed with our friends in Somerset in England, Linda had one.  This is only the third one I have ever seen.  The flowers were as big as a bread and butter plate.
 This gorgeous Japanese Crab Apple was just beautiful.
 The beautiful St Jude's Rectory in Bowral.
 Red Cow Farm again.
 Beautiful Rhododendron at Red Cow Farm.  I just loved the Peter Rabbit watering can in the garden.


  1. Oh Martha just LOOOOVES peonies...

    How gorgeous is the rectory. Looks like beautiful colour gardens. What a lovely day. I'm hoping to go to Floriade soon.

  2. Beautiful gardens! I'm with Martha, the peony is gorgeous! Fancy having only seen 3 in real life! They're do pretty.
    I'm glad u enjoyed your old people trip out to the gardens!