Thursday, 11 October 2012

  Red Cow Farm is tended by only one man as far as I could ascertain.  It is a serious of gardens rooms.  There was so much structure to it with  very high hedges between to protect the gardens from the cold winter weathr.

 Although there wasn't a lot of colour in the garden in September, there was still a lot to discover and appreciate.  This was The Abbesses Garden. 
 I love garden statures and would love to have more in my own garden.

 These wooden towers are actually supports for climbing roses.  In the summertime they must look gorgeous.  I hope to go back and visit again in the summer.  The garden is opened from September to May.
 The dam is at the bottom of the property.

 The old outbuilding looked to be about 100 years old. 
 This garden room was like a church with a statue of a Saint in each
alcove.  I just loved it.
 I always think this is Saint Anthony holding a child.
 This must be Saint Frances because he is holding a bird.
 Looking through to the orchard.


  1. It looks beautiful Mum! I'd love to stroll through those gardens... Alone I think!! I love the garden with the alcoves that reminds you of a church. Very majestic!

  2. Wow! What a GORGEOUS garden! I LOVE the cone shaped trees! So it's a private house's garden? It's amazing. What a lot of work. I'd love to see it in Summer with all the roses blooming too!

  3. Oh it looks beautiful. Isn't the church garden gorgeous.