Friday, 14 September 2012

 I hurt my back 5 weeks ago and was totally laid up for a week, flat on my back.  Jeff had become chief cook and bottle washer as well as nurse and maid, as well as trying to keep up all his own activities.  I tried not to be too demanding and give him lots of thanks and praise, but after a month of not being able to do very much at all, we are both getting very tired.

Fliss and the children came down for a couple of days to cheer us up.  Cooper helped Jeff prepare chicken schnitzels for chicken parmigiana.  Yes, Jeff's cooking has become very creative over the last month.  Today he has even attempted a quiche, making pastry for the first time.  Looking forward to tasting it at lunch time.
Jeff reading the children their bedtime stories.  "Just one more" is usually the cry.
Sienna loved the fact that I was confined to my easy chair and bought me numerous books to read and sat on my lap to watch TV.  She kept me company for hours.
 Charlotte and Jaimeson came to visit me too, when I was a little bit more mobile.
 Jaimeson LOVES the Swiss clock with the little girl who bobs up and down as it ticks.  When it's stopped he MUST set it going.
My right knee still gives me a lot of pain but I can get around a lot better now, but I'm still quite slow and get tired very quickly.
We played outside in the lovely warm spring sunshine.  Jaimeson went through a box of old toys which had belonged to the girls when they were little.  Charlotte oohed and aahed over the memories.


  1. It was lovely to come visit u, and Good that u couldn't go anywhere cos of your knee cos it meant we could enjoy some chatting time at home!
    I'm so glad your knee and back are getting much better & u can get back to normal activity!

  2. Great job Dad for being the head housemaid/cook/nurse for a month too! Well done!

  3. I'm glad you're feeling so much better but sad that it's STILL sore. It's really made you slow down in general hey. So lovely to have your visitors tho. I think the little ones were happy that you couldn't get away from them easily. :)