Sunday, 15 December 2013


My Lemax Village expanded again this year with the Kringle's Bakery.

 My beautiful Christmas tree sporting its 5 sets of lights.  I haven't fitted all my ornaments on this year.  It's getting a little too crowded.
 The aqua mercury glass candleholders are new this year.  They are going on my Christmas dining table with a matching sparkly aqua tablecloth and serviettes.  I have silver strings of beads to put down the table as well.  My snow jar is new.  I have sat a little wooden sled and a bird and pinecone into some magic fake snow.  It belongs to Charlotte.  It's a white powder and you add water and it blows up to about 10 times the size.  It gradually dries out and returns to powder and can be reused.
 Our fire place had another alteration this year.  We cut a fire box in the bottom and I have filled it with garland and lights.
 My beautiful garlands.  My fabric holly garland I made.  Wheat straw 'popcorn' I bought secondhand, and wooden 'cranberries'.
My front door and potted holly tree.


  1. Oh the fireplace looks fabulous. Your decorations are always so gorgeous. Love the snow jar, what a brilliant invention. I cant believe how fast December has gone and I haven't decorated as I wanted to yet. Oh well next year..... love Julie

  2. I love all your Christmas decorations. That must be where I get it from.... not just having to have a tree but a whole lot of other stuff all over the house. I love it! I bought some fake snow like that from the Reject shop but I haven't used it yet. Not sure where I'd use it and I'm a little concerned that if I put it on a shelf it will blow off!
    The fireplace looks so good!