Friday, 9 November 2012

On the 18th October we Jeff and I flew to Wellington New Zealand with Yvette, Alicia and Charlotte for a weeks holiday of shopping, eating, walking, museums and a Lord of the Rings Tour.  We stayed in a three bedroom apartment at Chews Lane, right in the middle of Wellington which enabled us to walk everywhere.
The weather was cold and windy with temps around 16cdeg and with a wind chill factor.  It was colder than when Jeff and I were in Alaska in April/May with snow on the ground.  We wore our Alaska clothes in NZ and were quite comfortable.  Several of the locals were wearing short sleeves because "the sun was out" and it was Spring!!
 Yvette was the first one to buy something in the shops.  These gorgeous red suede shoes.
 Shopping on Lambton Quay.  The waters edges originally was at Lambton Quay but after several earthquakes the land heaved upwards creating two more blocks before the waters edge now.
 Trolley buses were a novel interest.  We caught one a couple of times when we were tired of walking and when we went to church as it was quite a distance to walk.
 Yvette christened this statue "Dapper Chap" as she sees a man in Tuggeranong Mall often dressed the same as the statue, in his top hat and long jacket.
 The beautiful General Practitioner restaurant where we ate dinner on our first evening.  It was built as a residence and surgery for the general practitioner in the 1800's.  The first was lovely and the decor stunning, complete with display cases of ancient medical instruments.
 Inside the trolley bus with it's New Zealand silver fern fabric seats.  They were exceptionally clean buses.
 Sweet Mother's Kitchen for breakfast on two mornings.  Charlotte chose it because it served Mexican food. 
 Sweet Mothers Kitchen looks nothing like any of my friends kitchens!!
 A statue dedicated to Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Wellington honours Peter Jackson and all the finance he has brought to the city with his film making.

 "Lunch" at Floriditas.  No room for anything else after a big breakfast.  We just loved the vintage, mismatched china they served everything on.  My red and white plate sporting a Portuguese Custard Tart is sitting on a Royal Albert 'Canterbury" plate matching our dear Elva's tea set which Felicity inherited.
Charlotte's gorgeous cup.  I have never ever seen another like it, but I will now be on the lookout.  I can't remember what it was now.


  1. Yes my cup was sooo pretty! I'll keep an eye out at the op shops for you!
    P.S. Boy! Why do I look pregnant in that first pic of us all?! I hope people don't think I'm the pregnant one, and not Alicia! I look terrible!

  2. YAY you are blogging Wellington too! Don't we look like we're having an awesome time. It was SUCH a special holiday!!!