Friday, 9 November 2012

 Jeff, Alicia and Charlotte early in the evening walking to dinner.
 Foxglove on the waterfront where we just ate Tapas.  It was really delectable.
 At Concrete Bar where Jeff and Yvette had a voucher for a cocktail.  It was nice to sit and relax after a busy day on our feet.

 Walking along the harbourside to the Handmade Markets.  I love the sculptures along the walkway.  This section is like being on the deck of an old sailing ship.
 There are many statues and fountains in Wellington.  It really is a lovely city.
We were amused by this sign for the ladies toilet.
 We caught the cable car up to the Observatory where we had booked in to see a special weather show.  I might have enjoyed it if it was the weather on earth, but it was the weather on every other planet in outer space.  I HATE outer space.  I think it might be agoraphobia!!  I HATED THE SHOW.  But everyone else enjoyed it.  The theatre was amazing.  It had an overhead circular screen.

 Jeff in the children's activity room which he thoroughly enjoyed.  At 6pm at night there were no children to contend with so he got quite a go and the flight simulator. 
 What you can do in a mini theatrette when you are the only patrons and you're dog tired after a full day walking.  Jeff actually went to sleep and Yvette was close to it!  The film was the Maori legend as to how New Zealand came into existence.  I enjoyed that one.


  1. Maturiki!
    Yeah I would have prefered weather on Earth, not the other planets!
    Foxglove was yummy (the Concrete Bar pic is actually Foxglove too, cos you went to Concrete after I'd left!)

  2. Oh ho Matariki-hi... I have been singing that ever since we got back!