Friday, 3 August 2012


This was a beautiful rainforest just out of Ketchikan about 8 miles along the coast from the main town.  It had picnic grounds too.  It was right on the Tongass Narrows.  
 The pathways were gravel or wood, so made for very easy walking.  It was so picturesque, you could just imagine fairies dancing amongst the mossy logs and ferns.
 Although we were rugged up in our parkas and hoods for the light misty rain,  we didn't need our gloves, although a warm pocket sufficed now and then.
 Everything was covered in thick moss as Ketchikan gets over 160inches of rain every year.
 We didn't see any wildlife as it was still quite early in Spring.  Although we did see a deer on our drive back home.  He was actually eating grass on a footpath in amongst houses.
 Bridges enabled us to get close to the raging torrent of water rushing down the mountain to the sea.

 Skunk cabbage was one of the few flowers out, although the salmon berries and blue berries were beginning to show signs of new life.  The cabbage and berries are a favourite with bears.
Julie and I found one skunk cabbage all broken up on the ground and had a good sniff.  Neither of us thought the smell offensive, just pungent, very sweet, a bit like Moraya (Mock Orange Blossom).
The creek rushing out into the Tongass Straight.
 Jeff, with Daryl in the background.
Julie investigating a lovely warm sleeping place that some animal had scratched out overnight, in the shelter of the fallen log.

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