Sunday, 12 August 2012


We went to the Mendenhall Glacier with our taxi driver, Hulio (from Chile) who picked us up from the airport, after we had flown down to Juneau from Anchorage.  The Glacier was just a little out of town, and as the airport was also about 10ks out of town, Hulio suggested , for an extra $70, he could take us out their first, before taking us into Juneau to book into our hotel.
 The ice flows that had calved from the main glacier flowed past the car park.  An awesome sight.
 This waterfall beside the glacier didn't look so big, UNTIL we noticed the people standing at the base of it.  This photo is taken on zoom lens.
 The blue ice typical of glacial ice.  Amazing piece balancing on another.

 The Pussy Willow was just beginning to bloom.  I loved it.  It was so pretty.
 We were able to get a lot closer to this glacier than Fox Glacier in NZ.  We had attempted to see Portage and Exit Glaciers near Seward but their roads were still impassible due to the snow.  We flew over several glaciers between Fairbanks and Anchorage.  It's an awesome sight seeing something so magnificent, both in size and age.

That magnificent waterfall was just to the right of this picture.

Bears had been sighted but we weren't fortunate enough to see an early riser.

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  1. Glaciers are amazing!

    Your cabbie was a good businessman LOL.