Thursday, 26 July 2012


 On our first day in Ketchikan Mike took us for a drive.  We stopped for morning tea at a cafe at Knudson Cove (pronounced Ka-nood-son). 
 The Cafe was sooo kitch.  We loved it.  Two girls served us from behind a sliding glass window.  They opened the window, took our order and shut the window again.  Because of the cold I think.  When they had completed our order they opened the window again and passed out the food and drinks.
 There were lots to look at around the cafe including these amusing signs.
 This was so cute and the boots were real too.

 This was the children's play area on the verandah.  Our grandchildren would have loved it.  Parents could enjoy a long lunch while the children took a couple of hours to sort through all this.
 Look what's on the table.  Sanitized handwash, paper towel for serviettes, all manner of sauces plus the lovely potted pansy.  Well it was Spring of course.
 The beautiful marina.
Our lovely morning tea.  I remember I had strawberry and apple pie as strawberries and blueberries were prevalent being Spring.
You can see by what we're wearing that it was still chilly.


  1. HA HA, Ka-nood-son. I love Mike.

    What an interesting cafe.

  2. Wow, that is a fantastic selection of sauces! Man, you're lucky to get Salt & Pepper on our tables! And I love their kids play area, that would be awesome.
    Ka-nood-son is so funny!