Friday, 4 May 2012

We are now staying at Mike's with a gorgeous view overlooking the Tongass Narrows, which is part of the Inside Passage.
We loved the ferry trip.  We had a state room with double bunks and a bathroom.  So it was great to leave all our gear and go and sit in the lounge with windows facing front and sides.  It had a Cafe as well as a dining room, also a theatre which mainly played children's movies, a cocktail lounge where we played Take Two at night, and numerous drinks and snack machines.
If you don't have a State Room you can sleep in the Solarium on the top deck.  It is undercover with strip heaters on the ceiling.  It is open to the back of the boat.  There were about 20 people sleeping up there all rugged nup in high density sleeping bags, looking like big grubs or caterpillars.  Mostly you couldn't even see their faces.  Mainly they were back packers but Daryl and Julie talked to a couple about our age who even had an RV parked down below.  Did I say the ferry transports vehicles also?  You have to leave your pet down with your vehicle, but during the day they have certain times when you can go down to your pet,, feed him have him do his woopsy and clean up after him.  We stopped at Sitka for two hours so were able to disembark and join a little local bus that did a round trip into town for $12.  The driver was an ex-school teacher so took us to Totem Park , with totems carved by the Tlingit nd Haida Indians, where we did a quick forest walk.  Just beautiful.    and then to Castle Hill to see where Alaska was signed over to the American's by Russia.  Sitka was the old Russian Capital.  The Cathedral is of Russian Design but unfortunately at 5pm it was closed.  It's great having sunshine until 9pm.
We were not able to get off in Petersburg because we were only there for 45 mins from 6-7am.  A few dog owners took the opportunity to run their dogs off and have them leave a calling card in Petersburg!  Wrangell was also a quick stop but Jeff and Julie got off to take a few pictures looking back at the boat.  Haven't downloaded the phots yet.  Hope to ctch up with myself her at Mikes.  We've had no Mobile service or WIfi the last two or so days.


  1. I just googled cos it sounded like a long trip on the ferry. Was it from Juneau and took a day and a half?! Wow!!! Sounds like a lovely trip! I can't wait to see some photos!! Only a few days left of your Alaskan holiday!

  2. Wow what a trip! Fancy people staying in the solarium! Too cold!!!!!! I can imagine the big grubs :)
    Did u see any wildlife from the boat? U saw glaciers too didn't u?
    Look forward to seeing all the pics when u get home!
    Missing u!!