Saturday, 5 May 2012

Ketchikan is cold

We are the coldest we have been this trip here in Ketchikan.
Ketchikan has 150 inches of rain each year.
It is raining today but just lightly, but it is cold.
Today is the first day I have wished I'd worn tights under my jeans, but I didn't realise until we were out and about.
This morning we went down to see Carla's Charter Boat shop right at the docks.  She opened up today, first day for the season to get ready for the first cruise boat which arrives on Sunday.
Several shops in Ketchikan aren't opened until Sunday.  Most of them are just setting up for the Season.
The ladies at The Silver Thimble quilting shop opened an hour early especially for Julie and  I yesterday when they saw us outside.  I was very happy with my purchases.

At midday today we took a sea plane flight to Misty Fjords.  The trip took 70mins.  We landed on the water in the fjord and Mike the pilot, Dad and Julie got out and stood on the float.  I thought it was tooo crowded out there to join them.  There were two other ladies on our flight.  The scenery was spectacular of course, but Uncle Daryl got a little woozy!
I shall send phtos after we download them.
Tomrrow night we are going to a Lumberjack Show.
At the moment a lot of the Touristy stuff is half price, or special deals for 'locals', so we are benefitting from that.
I think I'll finish now as this dining room chair seems to be going up and down!  I think it is motion sickness after my plane ride.


  1. The furthest south you've been and it's the coldest! Why do you think? Is it windy?

    Enjoy the lumberjack show and the cheap touristy stuff!!

  2. I think it's colder because it's wet and on the water, no sun and a bit of wind.
    I had asthma at first here because of the cigarette smoke but now I have a head cold and big cough.
    Looking forward to warmer weather and salt water in Hawaii. Will be good to get back to wearing much less clothing.

  3. Great to take advantage of the "locals" price! The sea plane trip sounds amazing!! Yay for the quilt shop!
    At least the really cold weather means u can justify all those heavy clothes u took!