Monday, 6 May 2013


 After we left Wagga we went to The Rock,left, thus named for its rocky outcrop.
I LOVE silos and we lots of them.  Full of wheat beside the railway lines.

At Henty we saw the one and only XPT for the day arrive and pick up a family from Sydney who had been holidaying with family.

 We crossed the border at Albury.
 Then we came to Chiltern just outside of Albury.  It is an old goldmining town and virtually untouched.  It was very quiet on a Saturday afternoon.  Only a secondhand shop was open.  It had some treasures, but we had no room in the car.
Chiltern has a lot of potential as a tourist town like Berrima was.
 The Museum was opened and cost us only $2.50 to have a look.  We even got a guide.  He was quite passionate about his hometown.

 One of the pubs.

This Grapevine was amazing.  It was as thick as a tree trunk.


  1. That is an amazing Grapevine! Does the sign say it was never watered or fertilized, and yet it still bears fruit! What an awesome plant!
    Cool Ghost Town! If only the Timbertown people were wandering about, it would be so realistic!

  2. I can see The Rock from two sides! I love that grapevine. Sooooo very gnarled and thick.