Monday, 13 May 2013

 Rose Cottage B and B is in Camp Street Beechworth.  It is run by Tony and Lyn McCure.  Jeff and I stayed there 7 years ago and were hoping that this year it would be just the same, and it was.
 The gardens are just magnificent.  There were remnants of the Christmas lights and decorations around the garden too.  It must look absolutely spectacular at Christmas time.  So much time and effort goes into the garden.  It is a joy to just walk around it and discover some hidden treasures, like a couple of gnomes hiding under a shrub.
 Our beautifully decorated bedroom.  With central heating it meant that our fire did not need to be lit.
 Our bed was so high that there was a little foot stool to help you get up onto it.  The electric blanket kept us snug and warm.  The B and B was so quiet at night.  But then the whole of Beechworth retreats indoors at sundown and the streets are almost deserted.
 The lovely entrance hall.  I love all the decorations.  I thought my house is a bit overdone with its decoration and my collections, but this is so much more.  There are so many beautiful and interesting things to look at. 

Tony and Lyn McCure have a good eye for collecting and decorating, with great attention to detail.
 The beautiful tea making facilities in our bedroom, discreetly house in an antique cupboard.  It was a joy to use the fine china mugs and the green stemmed water glasses.
 Julie in the lovely topiarised garden.

The house has four guest rooms and we preordered our breakfast the night before, so just about 10 mins after we sat down at the table, Tony arrived with our ordered breakfast.  Jeff asked for barbeque sauce for his bacon and eggs and Tony returned NOT with a sauce bottle, but with sauce  a tiny crystal jug sitting in a miniature china saucer.
At night we sat in the lounge room in front of the fire and played Upwords.  Daryl found an interesting book to read among the piles here and there in the room.  He read aloud amusing bits that we appreciated.  He also managed to catch up with some reading of his files for work too in such an elegant restful situation.

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  1. I'm so glad I don't have to dust that house. I'm woeful at dusting my not very cluttered house as it is!

    I wish I liked gardening more. I love a beautiful garden. But I'm not too enthusiastic about getting out there! Having said that, I did do some repotting and planting out a week ago. Not that it's noticeable at all!