Thursday, 13 December 2012

 A TRIP TO SYDNEY ON 12 - 12 -12
Yvette and Tassy trying to fatham the ticket machine.  After several attempts we realised it didn't have sufficient funds to give her enough change.  Once she reduced the size of her money note she was right.
Jeff and I, of course, only paid $2.50 each for the whole day.
 Catching the Sydney train from Thirroul after having caught the commuter between Fairy Meadow and Thirroul.
 Jeff, Yvette and Tassy looking at David Jones's animated windows.

 We had morning tea downstairs at Bon Bon in the Strand Arcade.  Bon Bon is chocolate heaven.  It was very busy with business people as well as shoppers.  Totally hidden from view, it was like a cave downstairs, with a delicious chocolate and coffee aroma.
 Yvette and Tassy shared the delicious chocolate cake which is supposedly 80% chocolate and 20% flour, with raspberries and ice cream.  Jeff and I shared the same, after Jeff had eaten his healthy cheese and biscuits he had brought himself.
 Thye Bon Bon choclate shop.
 The magnificent Strand Arcade.
 After the Strand Arcade Jeff left us and caught the bus to Cicular Quay and took a ferry to Watsons Bay and had fish and chips for lunch.
Yvette, Tassy and I looked around the Queen Victoria Building and then walked two blocks to the Capitol Theatre to see CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG  which we loved.  It was amazing how they moved the car on stage and even made it 'fly'.  David Hobsen and Rachel Beck were excellent, as were the two child stars.  I loved seeing Alan Brough at the Barron after years of seeing him on Spicks and Specks.  He really enjoyed himself on stage.
Yvette at Tassy at Ciruclar Quay beside the Radiance of the Seas.


  1. Such a wonderful day!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It made it that much more fun and memorable. The show was SO fantastic, and I loved seeing Christmas in the city.

  2. We're seeing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang tomorrow. It's a surprise for the kids. We're also going to QVB & DJ's windows. Will have to compare notes.

  3. You look like you had such a fabulous time in the city! And such an adventure to catch the train from Wollongong too!