Thursday, 13 December 2012

My front door now has it's wreath, my holly tree is tied with red bows and decorated with a string of gold bells, and my basket is filled with pine and pinecones.
 Yvette and Tassy were visiting for the last three days (more on that later).  Here is Yvette standing in the doorway to my kitchen.  She gave me the two deer years ago but this year I have changed them from gold to silver and I love them all over again.
 I love these wall stickers.  Some are out for their third trot but we have to restick them every day as they're beginning to peel off.
My new ones are now 3D and I love them.  My wooden snowmen and shovel will eventually be joined by the rest of the Christmas crew.
It has taken me weeks to get everything out.
 My Christmas Vignette at the end of my kitchen has gotten a little out of hand.  I have lots to eat then people have given me.  Haven't done my own cooking yet.  I have been just too busy.
 My Lemax village has grown again this year with a new Gingerbread Shop and a Miners Cabin representing Alaska.  Plus some extra squirrels, rabbits, reindeer and trees.
 My gorgeous berry wreath,  with a bird I recently bought as it reminded me of the Spatchcocksen I saw in the markets in Munich in 2003.  I thought I'd never get through customs, but someone can import them.
 My beautiful pinedresser in its Christmas decor.

I love this bunting.  The Holly Leaf  bunting I made a couple of years ago.  The bed balls are made of wooden I think representing cranberries, and the woven straw ball bunting I just bought in Vinnies with Charlotte.  I LOVED it.  I think it represents popcorn.
 And finally my TREE.

Hard to photograph in the daytime in front of a bright window.  I want to photograph it again at night.

 Yvette made me this gorgeous bauble from street maps.  It shows Como where I grew up, Jannali where Jeff grew up and Balgownie where we live now.     I cried!!

Each year the girls try to give me something which makes me cry.  If I do, then they win!
 This is one of my favourite tree decorations.  I have had them for years.  It is thick cardboard.  I just love it.  She is so sweet.
 This is a new ceramic flat 'bauble' I bought at a pottery exhibition Norman and Annette took us to in Gosford.
 My twig tree, holding just birds and birdhouse and a few balls.
This new owl ornament has John Howard eyebrows.  He is soooo cute.


  1. Well you outdid yourself. Beautiful post, gorgeous introduction to Christmas. Even if you don't finish getting everything out, it still look superb, as always. MERRY CHRISTMAS
    love Julie

  2. Beautiful Mum!! Lovely and homely and warm as always. I love having a stroll around the house just looking at everything. I look forward to seeing it when we come for Christmas day! Xx

  3. Hmmmm... the dress does not photograph well.. Not very flattering, and the gorgeous print looks horrible from a distance! What can I do with it? Refashion into a different shape? The print will still look horrible from a distance...

    I love your bird tree. You could really leave it out year round. Although it might be a bit much for dad.

    I love all your Christmas stuff everywhere, inside and out. Even in the bathroom! You forgot to photograph that!

  4. Yes I agree with Yvette, that I LOVE all the Christmas stuff around the house (even the bathroom, lol!) and it's so much fun to see a little Christmas scene wherever u look in your house! Jaimeson enjoyed all your "clip clop, neigh!"s (deer- he thinks they're horses) around your house too! You really know how to "do" Christmas! It even smells right at your house!