Friday, 22 June 2012

Big in Alaska

 Julie and I shopping in Anchorage.  I loved it that a lot of the shops had stuffed animals, or carved animals. And they are all so BIG. 
Jeff had a Davy Crocket hat when he was a boy.  I had to buy him
 this one when I saw it.  He loved it.  The Alaskan cousins were disgusted saying that racoons don't even live in Alaksa!

Mike standing next to a Grizzly Bear in Anchorage Museum.  Mike is 6'8" tall!!

 Jeff and me beside a moose.  They are so tall.
. The barn at Creamers Dairy in Fairbanks.  A typical Iowa barn, in Alaska!


  1. Wow, I love that barn!
    Those stuffed animals are amazing! It's awesome that they were everywhere, so they obviously take pride in their wildlife!

  2. I love seeing more Alakan photos! Since you didn't get to see a live bear I'm glad you got to see a life size one up close!

  3. Yay. more on Alaska, keep it coming, David & Jaquie West from church are still following along, as are Callows. Thanks Julie