Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Back home for a whole week at last.
Life has been hectic since we arrived back home 3 weeks ago.
We missed Xander's 2nd birthday party while we were away, but made it home in time for Jaimeson's first birthday.

Tassy's  10th birthday party a week later.

. Tassy always has the day off school for her birthday and chooses an activity for the family.  For the third year in a row it was ice skating.  No one else was at the ice rink at 1.30pm on a Monday!
Beyond Q Bookshop Curtin

Yvette took us to a very interesting bookshop, downstairs in the tiny shopping centre at Curtin.  The number of books for sale was amazing and each bookcase was topped with a display of old toys or bits and pieces of interesting stuff.  A lot looked like they had come out of someones old house.  While looking through the books we were delighted to hear an old Grandfather clock chime.  It made the whole atmosphere perfect.  Especially when the smell of brewing coffee wafted from it's coffee shop tucked away in one corner of the shop and furnished with old velvet dining chairs and little tables.  We indulged ourselves with an Apricot custard tart, Irish Cream cheesecake and chocolate caramel tart.
I bought some more vintage knitting books to add to my collection.

We also visited The Silk Road Exhibition at the National Museum.
It was very interesting with the sounds of the ancient market towns and displays of stalls selling herbs, spices, exotic vegetables and furs.

 We had our photo taken beside the stuffed camel at the entrance.  He was loaded with his goods for travel and trade.
 The amazing entrance to the National Museum.
 A tranquil back water to Lake Burley Griffin
An interesting fence near the Museum.


  1. It was SO good to have you stay!

  2. Cool Civic Art around the museums with that grand angular arch and the weird fence! The silk road exhibit sounds good! Did u see Willy's ancestors (minus his Cuban connection- lol!)?
    It was fantastic that u were back in time for Jai's birthday! It was a great day. And Tassy's bday looks liked fun too :)

  3. JULIE Great book store... I also have a collection of vintage knitting pattern books. Sounds like a wonderful shop.