Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Vicki is feeding 5 poddy lambs.  They are just gorgeous.  They know her voice and follow her everywhere.  I am mucking out the lambs shelter.  They sleep under an old ute canopy with some fluffy pillows but of course they wet their beds everynight.   They roam around the sheds near the house all day greeting whoever comes by.  They follow you bleeting all the while.
 Jeff and Roger near one of the three dams they threw a fishing line into, only getting nibbles at the third dam.  We had sausages and chicken kebabs for dinner.  No fish!
 We had a picnic lunch down by the dam in the far paddock.
 Tom, Tom the Pipers Son (as Vicki has christened him) giving his mummy some love.  He is still quite small compared with the other four girl lambs so beside an extra midday bottle feed he was getting extra love.
The 5 lambs drank two bottles at each feed.  Vicki was feeding the girls only morning and night but Tom was having  lunchtime bottles as well.
The innovative milking station that Roger set up.  Vicki just pushed the bottles down each pipe and the lambs ferociously sucked on the teats.  They were not satisfied until they had finished their second bottle.

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