Tuesday, 1 January 2013

 Charlotte, Felicity, Yvette, Alicia and me at our family Christmas Party on Saturday 22 December at my sister Julie's house.
 Jeff sporting his favourite Hawaiian shirt he trots out at Christmas because it's red.
 The Family Cookie Swap.
They were beautifully packaged this year, but now we have decided everyone has to write their name on their cookie packages as we all want to know who made each one.
A great selection of cookies to share over the Christmas New Year season.
 Christmas morning we ate little egg tarts made on a Rosti base.  Very yummy.
 Opening presents on Christmas morning. We have to take our dining table and chairs out of the room to make enough space for the family.
 Xander and Jaimeson helping themselves to Alicia's frittatas and some pretzels.  Jaimeson looked so cute in his Santa's little helper outfit.
 Christmas lunch.  The barbeque table was brought in from outside to have enough room for the family.  Felicity laid and decorated the table.
 Taking some quiet time out with Auntie Alicia reading to Cooper, Xander and Sienna.  They all love Peppa Pig.
The children's table.  I must make a tablecloth that ties on and cannot slide off.  Jaimeson loved sitting up with the big kids, after eating in the high chair at the grown ups table.


  1. Oh he's such a big boy now that he can walk! Looks like a lovely Christmas Day. Boy ours was so quiet. Our smallest Christmas ever. It didn't really feel like Christmas!

  2. we had a wonderful Christmas with you! I think it was the BIGGEST Christmas at home for a while, or did it seem like that cos we were all stuck inside? LOL! Funny that Yvette;s was the smallest, she should have come up!